Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Hacienda cometh...

Today was my first day off in many weeks.  As my wife has been out of town visiting relatives in New York & New Jersey, I used it to take care of a lot of domestic duties and chores, culminating in a trip to the airport to pick her up.  All went well, and when we got home, what was waiting to greet my eyes, after being delivered -- perfectly intact I hasten to add -- by UPS all the way from Ontario, Canada to Los Angeles, California, USA... well of course you the answer to that one:

THE HADIENCA DE LA TRINIDAD recreated in 28mm scale by Chris Riordan, aka: Chris The Model Maker.

IMHO it's pretty dang sweet.

Packed in a second, smaller, box was the abandoned hotel located by most accounts on the North side of the Convoy Road, across from the Hacienda building itself.  I'll try to put more picks of both buildings up here tomorrow, but for now, I hope you enjoy the lone view above!


  1. Fantastic Blog and a very interesting period. I have thought about gaming this period a few times. Thanks again

  2. My pleasure, Vinnie!

    In fact, the Maximillian Intervention/Mexican Adventure makes for a very interesting wargames period, filled with just about every variation of mid-to-late 19th Century military action, from skirmishes to full-fledged major battles, and despite being a little known campaign, it does include a handful of iconic actions, such as Camerone, and the battle of Puebla, as well as legendary &/or notorious military figures, like Captain Danjou, Colonel Milan, Porforio Diaz, and Colonel Dupin of the contra-guerillas, to mention just a few. I say, come aboard the "Maxmillian" train -- in fact, the campaign also includes ongoing efforts by the Imperialsts to extend a rail line deeper into the Mexican interior, in order to speed up troop reinforcement and resupply, which of course was subject to constant harrasing attacks by the Juaristas, as well as local bandit forces. If you play in 28mm, the new Gringo 40s line has a lot to offer, as does the old Wargames Foundry range, some of which is now back in production and available over the web.

    Silver Whistle: yes, I agree, I am VERY LUCKYl to have managed to get these pieces made so well. Thanks for noticing, my friend!

  3. I firmly agree with Silver Whistle - you are a very lucky man to have such fine gaming terrain.

    If your Maiwand work is any indication, we'll be in for a paint-inspiring treat.

  4. Thanks very much for taking the time to leave your comment, Rob! Just a few things left to take care of -- basing and terraining some nice palm trees in particular -- and all will be prepared for the big day, which I hope lives up to your expectations!