Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prepping for Camerone Day +150...

A week from today -- on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 -- myself and a dozen or so fellow "Cameronistas" shall find ourselves engaged in an epic struggle, of 28m miniature proportions, refighting the greatest battle of la Legion Etrangere.  

However, I still have a few things on my Camerone Day "TO-DO" list:

(1)    base & terrain and paint the new bases for a bunch of very nice PALM TREES I bought a month or two ago;

(2)    build a short-end 2'x2' sq. terrain board so we will be able to fit the abandoned dam onto the layout in its historical position without the table being overly cramped;

(3)     repair 3 damaged corners on my pre-existing Maiwand Day terrain boards;

(4)    effect modest repairs to spots spread across the Maiwand Day boards which have sustained wear-&-tear damage over the past year-and-a-half or so;

(5)    build some overlays to put atop one or two of the nullahs on my Maiwand boards, so they can better play the part as flat ground-cover -- if I manage to pull this off in a decent-looking & useable fashion, it will come in very handy for future games requiring flat ground more than 4' x 6', which is the largest clear flat ground I can arrange using my terrain boards right now;

(6)    clean up and clean out my office-turned-"Camerone Day"-game-room so there's enough space for the dozen or so players I expect to put in a showing on April 30th;

(7)    ...exhale and try hard not to collapse while doing so!!!

Stay turned for some visual updates as and when I can manage them -- and please wish me LUCK, 'cause I'm definitely gonna' need it...

***Here's a first batch of pics.  I've managed to get the palm trees done, as well as a handful of other trees I had sitting around meant for Afghanistan, which will fit well in Mexico as well, plus I've gotten about a third of the way through the additional little terrain board:

Then the box with the T-shirts arrived...

Now back to the table...

Prepping the 2'x2' expansion board...


  1. Totally inspiring I have decided to start my own smaller project and I am going to start with a 600 x 600 (2ft x 2ft ) terrain board with the hacienda. Can mask though what height are the walls and the hacienda itself. Hope you don't mind me asking.

  2. Hi, Steve,

    I certainly don't mind at all, feel free to ask away!

    The walls surrounding the compound are 2.5" high, and the walls of the hacienda itself are 4" high.

    Last year, at our "run-through" we used Nick Stern's homemade hacienda compound, which is exactly 2'x2', same as the version it sounds like you are about to build for yourself. If you check some of my earlier posts, you can see some pics of that version, which is very nice, and also a slightly more manageable size. My new version is 30"x30", which is a somewhat exact reproduction of the compound -- according to those few historical sources which mention its size before the battle was fought, and also the memoirs of 2 surviving Legionnaires -- using 28mm (1/56th) figure scale as the ground scale.

    Its gorgeous, and well enough built to withstand the rigors of gaming. The only down side its rather large size. Since arriving here at my house it's been sitting smack in the middle of my wargaming table, but at some point I will have to find a safe place to store it when it's not in use!

  3. Thanks for the info could I please also ask about the size of the stables. Can't wait to start the project this weekend if I can get to your standard I will be more than pleased. However I may be asking a few more questions.

  4. Steve,

    The stable is 2.5" high x 15.5" long x 5" wide, without the thatch roof, which jut out about a half-inch all around and add 2" more height.

    Best of luck with building your own version, please post pics someplace I can see them when you are done!