Saturday, April 27, 2013

Closing in...

Well, I'm getting there... almost.

Done with the 2'x2' terrain board.

More than halfway done with one long overlay to cover one of the 3 nullahs.  A second nullah will serve as the "cactus-filled ditch" from the early stages of the battle, during the running fight while the 3rd of the 2nd fell back to the hacienda compound while pursued by Mexican cavalry, and the third and final nullah is the shallowest of the three, and will simply play the part of some uneven ground to the West of the compound's dual gates, from which the Mexicans will be able to launch their ongoing attacks on those same gates.

Still need to finish the overlay, which has been cut and assembled into 2 large pieces which fit together to cover close to 6' worth of deep trench.  In a difficult intersection of events, my youngest child's annual elementary school fair is this coming Sunday, and as has been the case for about half-a-dozen years, I am in charge of all the games, which means I will be working at school all day Saturday and Sunday, cutting deeply into time I would have loved to have spent prepping for this coming Tuesday.  But with Nick Stern arriving to help me out, I'm sure we'll get everything that needs doing done in time... right, Nick...???


Wish I had time to load up another ton of pics, showing the progress I've made, but just can't do it now.  Need to crash and get a little sleep so I don't collapse at the school job-site tomorrow!

Please wish me luck again, and I hope to be back on Monday with a nicely illustrated update...


  1. We wish you luck with your progress.

  2. Looking good Ethan where did you get those trees from they look great!
    Best wishes


  3. Thanks very much, Pat!

    Thank you too, Willie, for the kind positive words! Re: the trees, they are all made by JTT MICROSCALE, a model RR terrain company based here in the US. Here's a link that won't work inside this "comment" but which you'll be able to cut-&-paste in order to reach their home page, if you wish...

    Here's another to their "Professional Model Trees" page, which is the range all these trees are from...

    I'll add usable links the next time I have a chance to put up a post!