Sunday, March 31, 2013


It's been a packed couple of weeks here at the "Camerone Day" household.  My middle child had her Bat Mitzvah -- the big coming-of-age event in the life of a Jewish child -- two Saturdays ago.  Like her older brother before her, she did a wonderful job and made my wife, myself, and our entire family extremely proud.  As with many big events, the hidden prize was the chance to see friends and family from all over the world who took the time to come and visit for the occassion.

Meanwhile, across the continent, in Ontario, Canada, a certain master model-maker completed the last components for the fast-approaching 150th Anniversary "Camerone Day" game, adding even more excitement to my life.  If that sounds a little out of whack, feast your eyes on the visual evidence below...

First up, the abandoned HOTEL located on the North side of the road, across from the Hacienda de la Trinidad:

Next, the Hacienda compound itself:

Together with the abandoned dam, the decrepit Mexican village buildings, and the Indian huts, this completes all the structures required to refight "CAMERONE" from start to finish.  My next update should occur when the first of these models arrives here at my place.