Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I didn't plan to start "blogging" here for some time but right after I created this blog I realized its existence would show up on my "Maiwand Day" blog, so it might get some visitors, which means I should at least explain what it WILL become when I get around to it.

I hope to build a Battle of Camerone terrain layout in time to refight the 1863 battle on the day of its 150th anniversary -- April 30th, 2013 -- the same way some friends and I refought Maiwand on the day of its 130th anniversary nearly a year ago on this past July 27th, 2010.

Right now I am trying to nail down all the elements needed for the battlefield, in particular the exact layout of the Hacienda de la Trinidad, its stable, sheds and outbuildings, as well as the decrepit village buildings nearby and the Indian village huts slightly further down the road, as well as the "damaged" and out of use dam and abandoned inn both of which were located close enough to Camerone to house the field hospital set up and used by the Mexican forces throughout the battle.

From time to time I will post updates on any progress I make in these preliminary steps but my guess is that it will be some time yet before I have anything visual to show for my efforts. There is more than a year and a half to go before "Camerone Day +150" comes to pass, so thankfully I have some time yet to get things done.

If you're a fan of La Legion Etrangere, or Mexico, or 28mm wargaming, wish me luck!