Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Juarista cavalry break from the trees and CHARGE THE COMPANY SQUARE...

Captain Danjou orders his men to hold their fire until the Mexicans close within effective range...

As the cavalry thunderously approach, the Company's Mexican muleteer, Jose Dominguez, chases after his pair of errant charges --

Danjou gives the command to FIRE --

With several strong volleys, the Mexican cavalry BREAK!

They gallop for the treeline, leaving Captain Danjou to order his men to advance on the Hacienda de la Trinidad compound, looming nearby...

(BELOW: my older daughter filling in for Captain Danjou)


  1. Now thats a great set up! Full of envy here!!

  2. Thanks, Willie, but trust me, any envy you have toward me is reflected back MANY FOLD!

    After all, your collection is one of the biggest, most wide-ranging, and best out there.