Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Hacienda de la Trinidad & village of Camerone...


  1. That terrain looks absolutely superb and will be a real experience recreating the battle.

  2. Thanks, Col. Kilgore, and Silver Whistle!

    Silver Whistle, you may have noticed that I have yet to move my gaming table from my office! I've been working like mad -- around it -- but my partner has not yet complained, so it may stay put a while longer.

    The terrain is my "Maiwand Day" boards, just rearranged a bit, with one of the nullahs serving as the cactus-filled ditch. Luckily my friend Nick Stern's Camerone Hacienda compound fit in very with with the color scheme of my boards. We used my Maiwand fruit trees and his cacti, my Afghan market stalls & mud-brick buildings, and his lush forest of palms and deciduous trees, and my "Miniature World Maker" latex roads, and my green plastic scrub-brush "tufts." We were happily surprised by how well these disparite terrain elements blended together, but next year -- for the momentous 150th anniversary -- the table should look even better.

  3. I am all for versatile terrain and it is the little extras that give it the final look/finish.

    When I am thinking about doing a new period, a big factor is what existing terrain/figures/extras do I already have, so as to keep the cost/time/storage down.

    Looking forward to that anniversary.