Thursday, April 30, 2020


Greetings fellow fans (and the occasional foe) of La Legion Etrangere.

It's been far too long since I've posted here at CAMERONE DAY.  Sadly it's been far too long since I've played a wargame using my Camerone terrain.  Some day I shall return to the Counterpane version of 1863 Mexico, where 28mm size Legionnaires and Juaristas will again do battle across the walls of my Hacienda de la Trinidad, the deserted Inn across the highway road, the decrepit village, the Indian dwellings, and the nearby abandoned irrigation dam.  Until then wish any and all visitors to this site a HAPPY CAMERONE DAY, and that you and your friends and family and all those you care for stay safe and healthy during these difficult COVID-19 days.

To anyone serving on the front lines as a Doctor, Nurse, or other Healthcare professional, THANK YOU & GODSPEED!  And if you're a Cop or Firefighter or EMT, thanks for hanging in there.  And if you're an Essential Worker doing your job day-in and day-out, risking your health interacting with the rest of us while we buy food, drink, gas, hardware, ammo, and prescriptions, deposit and withdraw money at the bank, or driving your truck or working on the farm or at the slaughterhouse, or the warehouse, THANK YOU for allowing the rest of us to keep on trucking, so to speak.  I know you're doing it because you have to in order to make a living, but that doesn't change the fact that if you weren't still doing your job my family and I would have a hard time surviving.

Things could be a helluva lot worse.  We could be with the Legion at Camerone, with virtually no chance to get out alive.  On the other hand... even with all the blood, thirst, blazing heat, agony and death... that would be pretty cool.

I leave you with a LINK to a delightful yet perplexing Youtube video featuring the CHOIR OF THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION singing "Under Parisian Skies"...

And for a more traditionally CAMERONE appropriate tune, I offer up that ultimate Legion tune, Le Boudin...

Finally, if your interest in colonial wargaming extends beyond La Legion and Camaron, I invite to CLICK THE LINK BELOW and visit my Maiwand Day blog, where I'm currently posting about the scenario, army lists, terrain, and figures I'm prepping for a refight of the September 1st 1880 Battle of Kandahar, the last major action of the Second Afghan War:


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